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    Product Name: Recode DNA for Wealth

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    Are You Ready To Recode For Wealth?

    We all want a lot of things, but oftentimes we are left wanting, not knowing how to truly realize our dreams, or how we get from here to there. The cutting-edge research, information, and insights will fundamentally shift your understanding of why you experience the world as you do, and give you skills to improve your life.

    What you’re going to learn will change your relationship with wealth and success forever. You’ll be one of the few insiders with the information that will let you open up new worlds of potential and possibilities!

    You might be 50 years old, looking for a new opportunity to experience a passionate life, someone in between jobs, a successful entrepreneur, or a college graduate fresh out of school. Regardless of your age, or what stage of life you are in, what’s inside this book will help you achieve your goals.

    I’ve seen students vastly increase their income, change their circumstances, buy houses and even win a $1,000,000 prize after doing this work. Believe me, if you’re looking for more opportunities, how to turn passion into profit, or experience greater success in your life, then this will help you.

    I’m going to share with you some of the same secrets and tools that took me from a single mother with three kids and only $54 in my pocket, to an internationally bestselling author, who attracted the funding to develop a next-generation technology and interactive platform to help people all over the world improve their lives.

    This is the truth behind reality. This is the science of wealth. It unlocks your potential for opportunities, income, and financial stability, and the best part about it is that you ultimately learn how to step into your passion and do what you love. As you learn how to work within this framework, it will level everything else up in your life and it can work alongside any other modality that you’re using.

    I’m ready to give you the keys.

    Are you ready to take the first step?

    You are a part of a network that connects the universe. The strength of your “signal” within this network, as well as what you’re directly connected to, empowers or impedes your ability to create the life of your dreams. This network is called your WIN-State. WIN stands for Wealth Integration Network.

    Have you ever wanted something, and tried and tried to get it? I mean really yearned for it with all your soul?

    But, no matter how hard you try or what you do, it keeps slipping out of your grasp, almost as if it vanishes the moment you glimpse it.

    This is a classic symptom of someone with a low WIN-State.

    The higher your WIN-State, the easier it is to realize opportunities, make money and succeed in your passionate endeavors. The lower a person’s WIN-State, the more they struggle to get what they want; the more they feel trapped. People with low WIN- States often go into debt and instead of creating tangible plans for the future, stay fixated in fantasies.

    Curious to know what YOUR WIN-State is? Stay tuned…

    I first perceived WIN-States (though I didn’t call them that then) when I was a young girl.

    A unique set of circumstances led to me developing heightened awareness, and I actually saw distinct fields of resonance and energy signatures related to each person I met.

    Back then, all I knew is that everyone had this storehouse of information, and the data impacted their potential.

    I started my life in Germany. My father was a CIA agent during the Cold War, and after he finished a deep cover mission abroad, we relocated to the United States.

    Growing up with a high-ranking counter intelligence agent as your father puts your life at risk. This is why, historically, the best spies are people with no families. It’s their greatest weakness.

    Without getting into any grisly details, I lived the first part of my life acutely aware that anyone who walked through the door of our house might be there to kill me, my mother, and sister.

    My survival instincts kicked in and helped me develop the ability to read people’s fields.

    What I see is different than what people commonly refer to as ‘aura’ – I see our connection to the quantum world, the world where anything is possible – what I now refer to as WIN-States.

    I also see things that hold people back, such as core fractures, pools of toxic emotions, and signature frequencies of limiting beliefs stored all the way down in people’s DNA.

    As a child, even while immersed in this environment of fear and danger, the thing that struck me most, was that in the midst of this sea of information, everyone had a beautiful”fingerprint of soul resonating within their field. This fingerprint contained the essence of their hopes and dreams, of what they came here to do.

    As I learned about the world, I realized that there are countless people living a life counterfeit to their”nature – running ‘programs’ they inherited from others that suppress the true essence of who they are. Deep within each of us lies our soul print – our passion and purpose – our true calling in life.

    My purpose revealed itself to me quickly. My path led to helping others unlock their potential at the highest level.

    Then, I had my initiation.

    I was swimming in the deep end of a public pool, when someone jumped off the high dive and landed on my back. The air was knocked out of my chest. The bubbles” floated by my face. I recall feeling myself floating upward – out of the water and through a layer of clouds.

    That’s when I met my first Guides.

    What struck me about these radiant beings was not their appearance, but that they resonated at the highest level – the full potential that I saw within each of us.

    I asked them how I could help enable people to step into this state of power, but they told me that was not my”mission at the time. What I was supposed to do was go back and understand the language of frequency.

    After this first near death experience, I heeded what the guides had told me. I paid great attention to people’s resonant fields, or WIN-States, and learned that no matter” what a person’s age, spoken language, or country of origin, there was a distinct set of vibrational ‘viruses’ that were holding people back.

    I came to recognize these viruses included outdated beliefs and core emotions of the human experience. Fear based beliefs, such as ‘not enough,’ and emotions such as grief, rage, hate, and shame. No matter who held these viruses and toxic emotions, they appeared the same way in everyone’s field.

    I also noticed that the emotions which fell into the bandwidth of joy, love, and gratitude,”also had distinct frequency signatures, and these, too, appeared the same in everyone’s field.

    It became clear to me that the same base components comprised everyone’s WIN-State, but each person’s profile was unique. Just like everyone’s computer has its own viral profile depending on how you surfed the net and what attachments you opened, each person had their own WIN-State profile. Some individuals were riddled with frequencies that disenfranchised them from their potential, others were just struggling along doing their best to get by.

    By the time I was nine-years old, I felt like I had mastered the vocabulary of this universal language, and I wasn’t seeing any new frequency patterns. Boy oh boy, was I in for a surprise.

    After months of excruciating back pain, the doctors diagnosed me with severe scoliosis. They gave me only two years to live before my curvature would detrimentally compromise my heart and lungs, my ability to breath. This nearly tore my parents apart. They were stricken with grief at the thought of losing one of their children. Miraculously, a new surgery became available,”and they went deep into debt in order to pay for it.

    My Dad got me signed up for a Harrington Rod Surgery. But as luck would have it, during the operation, my aorta was accidentally nicked.

    I bled out on the table.

    Before this happened, I remember standing outside my body watching the doctors work; which isn’t an uncommon phenomenon for people having surgery. I was listening as the bones in my spine were being fractured and suddenly I remember seeing blood everywhere. At that moment, I remember thinking, literally, “That body’s shot. I’m out of here.”

    I awoke in a new place, away from my broken body. I now sat on a log in the most beautiful garden I had ever seen. It was the most quintessentially beautiful place I had ever seen. I could best describe it as a Celestial Garden. Flowers that glowed with warm golden light unfolded before me. Their intense colors, coupled with delicate fragrances more exquisite than anything I knew, filled the air, which felt light and balmy. I can only describe these sensations as the feeling of Pure Love.

    I inhaled deeply – the air itself was oxygenated with Pure Love, a sense of peace and infinite knowing.

    I started feeling a humming inside of me. The vibration spread through my entire body, building in intensity. Faster and faster. The colors shone vibrantly. I felt a distinct sense of Oneness. Of Love both Outside and Within… just when I felt like I couldn’t take anymore…

    There was a “POP!”

    When this “pop” happened, I was blessed with an understanding of the energetic nature of our universe. It was like the sky opened. I perceived mathematical, physics based information. And within, I saw frequency codes,”informational wave-length signatures with the ability to serve as an elixir to the viruses holding people back.

    These are what would become my Master Codes.

    I didn’t stay in the Celestial Garden much longer. They brought me back to life. And while I had seen all of this amazing information, I didn’t fully grasp it yet. I was still a young girl who now would spend a year in a body-cast.

    It would still take me twenty years to integrate what I had seen in a usable format.

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